Are There Any Advantages Of Using Instagram As An IPhone User?

When Instagram started, only people with iPhones could use it. After two more years, in 2012, it became available for Android users as well. Instagram became very well-liked, and many people quickly downloaded the app.

Even though Instagram was not functioning properly for people using android phones, they didn’t want to stop using it because they really liked this new app. Let’s find out why Instagram looks nicer on iPhone and what advantages there are.

The process of making Instagram work well on all Android devices was hard. Because there are many different companies making Android phones, Instagram cannot make their app work perfectly on all of them.

Why are some features better shown in iPhone?

Some features like Instagram stories are better shown on iPhone devices. The blame again is not on Instagram. While taking a photo or video on Android, it takes a screenshot or screen recording of what’s on your phone’s display.

This is why Instagram Stories on Android phones aren’t as clean and neat as on iPhones.


What features are there on iPhone devices that Android doesn’t have?


  • Instagram is more smoothed in iOS. Specially Instagram stories.
  • The transition effects are considered in a better place on iOS.
  • The Android version doesn’t have the blur feature yet.
  • There are some slight differences on the settings tab.
  • Instagram receives its updates on iOS devices earlier than the android devices.
  • Lots of new features or tests are first to appear in the iOS version of Instagram.

Here are some tips for iOS users for using Instagram more professionally:

  • Arrange Push Notification Settings flawlessly

If you don’t receive all the notifications on Instagram, set it up based on your preferences.

  • Save your device’s data on Instagram

It is better to save Instagram data on the app itself.

  • Keep the search history clean

It’s better to clear your search history on Instagram and remove all investigations of what you have searched for.

  • Save Posts or stories as a Draft.

Save your unfinished posts or stories as a draft and return to make some changes and publish them:

  • Mute Stories that are unnecessary, or you don’t like to watch.
  • Hide inappropriate comments or abusive words that you don’t want to see in your comment section.
  • Archive or highlight the Posts or Stories that you like.
  • In case that you want to share a story with your close friends; you can make close friends list.
  • View or download your Instagram data.

Please send your request to them and wait for 48 hours to respond. The link of your data will remain only for four days. Try to download the data as soon as you get the email.

  • Hide likes or views on your Instagram posts.

You can hide likes or views on your Instagram posts, or even hide others’ opinions if you want. Note that this feature is not activated for Reels.

  • Share a tweet on your Instagram Stories on iPhone.

If you want to use Instagram to share your tweets and expand your communication on Twitter:

  1. Open your Twitter app.
  2. Select a tweet.
  3. Tap the Share button on the tweet.
  4. Choose Instagram Stories.

Last words

Here are some easy ways to better organize your Instagram account.

Just keep in mind that most people have these choices on their devices, no matter if they have iOS or Android.

However, not everyone has access to all the features of Instagram. This is because it depends on the type of account you have or whether you are verified.

If you want to know how to get the blue mark (Instagram verification), click the link below to find out.

Do you want anything to be included in this list. Do you think the Android and iOS versions of Instagram are different in any way.

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