Average Time Spent On Instagram Per Day

You probably know that Instagram is a very popular platform right now. Almost everyone, especially young teenagers, really likes this app.

In 2023, lots of people are using social networks every day. They are even using them for their jobs. People can use the platform for fun or for work.

As we said earlier, more and more businesses are using Instagram for their marketing purposes. Instagram has added new choices and features to make it easier for people to use for their businesses.

The combination of our life with social platforms

Believe it or not, more than half of the world’s population is using social networks daily.

So the daily life of people and using social media are combined in recent decades, and it has become such a massive part of their life.

Due to the rise of social media, people are spending more time online each year. And, of course, it will continue without slowing down or going backwards because it is the best way for people to communicate without any restrictions on when or where they can do so.

It is amazing how these platforms allow us to connect with our loved ones or run our businesses whenever we want and no matter the circumstances.

How much is daily average use of the Internet?

Now let’s find out what is the average use of these lovely and valuable platforms.

For sure, lots of you have been curious about the time that you have spent on social media.

According to studies, ordinary people have been using social media for 145 min per day in recent years. The average daily use of Instagram is varied by country, and it’s not fixed.


Although the number of users in developed countries has been steady in recent times, in non-developed countries, this number is getting high faster. But consider this fact that the internet is more used in wealthy countries.

The most exciting part is the WHO (World Health Organization) announced that the average lifespan for each person is 72 years, and that person spends 10 years of their life on social media.

That is a BIG number. Isn’t it? The minimum number for everyone is 6 years.

Of course, this number will increase in the coming decades and won’t be steady.

Average time spend on Instagram

Now we want to take a closer look at the average time spent on Instagram. Since it is the third popular platform, we expect the number to be higher than it seems to be.

An average person spends 18 months on Instagram in their lifetime. It is a general account, and it’s evident that this number varies for each person and type of their usage of Instagram.


To get more detailed, every person spends 53 minutes on Instagram daily. This platform has 500 million active users.

You already know that people have been using differently from Instagram in recent years.

They are getting more serious and professional in the use of this multifunctional application.

Why multifunctional?

Because you can sign up in it, based on the activity you want—for example, business accountpersonal account, and creator account.

The last words

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