Increase Your Stories View: The Festival Stickers On Instagram

Make sure you don’t miss out on Instagram’s story features.

We all enjoy creating and posting stories on Instagram. But have you ever considered how we can do it better and more appealingly.

Let’s talk about two important things in Instagram’s story section.

We have added a new feature to the story section recently, which allows people to communicate with each other more easily.

There is also another thing that it changes with every event. You might have already figured it out. Didn’t Alright, take a moment to consider it.

Yes, you are right! The festival stickers.

What are the new Instagram story features?

Let’s first talk about the new one that Instagram has announced recently: Add yours feature.

  • “Add yours” feature:

Make sure you have installed the newest Instagram version. Click on the navigation bar. After you have uploaded the photo or video you want, select the “add yours” option to include it in a public conversation.

This feature lets users upload a story and ask their followers to respond by uploading a similar one.

Please simplify the following text:

This platform tried out this feature in Japan last month before making it available to everyone. It creates a chain of content where each user contributes their own story.

For instance, imagine people can share a story about a meal they made at home. They can invite others to join in by using a sticker.

One way to use this is to share the recent time you went sightseeing or hiking and ask your followers to share their photos too.

The new feature’s goal is to get users to collaborate. However, it can also be seen as a way to discover more people and follow them.

By clicking on the sticker in someone’s story, you’ll be able to see everyone who has taken part in this content chain. You can even see their stories if they have a public account.



Also, note that the “Link sticker” is now available on all the accounts. Back then, it was only for professional accounts.

You can add all these content to Instagram stories highlight covers and save them as long as you want.

  • “Festive stickers” feature:

Instagram always lunches special sticker events in every event or festival. These stickers are called Festive stickers.

When you add these stickers to your story, your story will be in a remarkable multi-author story. So it is the best way to show up your stories. If you want to upload content related to festivals or that special event, add your favorite festive sticker, and your story will be in the multi-author story part.

Some stickers have the “tap for more” option. If you tap the sticker, it will change to another sticker of the same event.

Which festival stickers or events are unique on Instagram?

  • Christmas

Christmas is a religious and cultural celebration. People around the world celebrate an annual festival feast on December 25. Checkout the stickers related to this celebration:


  • Get vaccine

These stickers have been available since the starting of vaccination. Also, the “Stay home” sticker came out with the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Pride month

Pride month is celebrated every June by LGBTQ communication.

  • Persian new year

Persian New Year is celebrated by Persians worldwide and other countries in Asia on March 21 every year.

Instagram has introduced some really good and important features to improve and make communication between people worldwide more genuine.

You can make a special cover for your festival highlights on your Instagram page to use it better.

Rewrite this text in simpler terms:

Do you enjoy any of these festivals or celebrations.

What festivals or celebrations are there in your country. Please tell us about them in the comments.

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