“Take A Break”: Instagram’s New Feature

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature called “Take a break”. It reminds users to stop using Instagram for a while and take a rest, or focus on their work or personal life.

However, it is not automatic, and you must enable the notification yourself once the feature becomes available.

You can pick between 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Then, you will get a reminder to stop and do something else.

This platform is introducing a new feature to stop people from getting addicted to Instagram. It will put a limit on how much time users can spend on the app each day.

After the company said that Instagram is a habit-forming app for its users, Adam Mosseri released this cool and interesting addition.

Yes, everyone knows that Instagram, a platform that is visually appealing and addictive, is easy to become attracted to.

He said that this test lets users control how much time they spend on Instagram.

He also mentioned that the feature will be available for some people within the next few days, and for others it will take a couple of months if the new feature proves successful.

How to use Instagram “Take a break” feature?

As you know, you can see your activity on your home page of Instagram, and if you think you spent lots of time on Instagram, this update will help you.

You have to be able to manage your time and use Instagram effectively. But you can work your time on this addictive platform in another way, too; you didn’t know that, did you?

For setting a daily reminder, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your home page.
  2. In the right upper corner, tap on the three lines.
  3. Select “your activity.”
  4. It gives you two options: Links and Time.
  5. Choose the time.
  6. As you can see the average time spent on Instagram, in the “manage your time” section, tap on the “Set Daily reminder.”
  7. You can set your favorite time, and it will remind you after the chosen time has passed.
  8. And then choose “Set Reminder.”
  9. Now you are done.

This is another option that you can use while the new update is available for all of us.

The last discussion:

In the past few years, time has become very valuable because we have many things that distract us from what we need to do and want to achieve.

We need to understand how to handle our time so that we can balance our work and play. Sadly, we are caught up in the busy world of work or school and don’t have time for ourselves to relax.

That’s why we often feel tired. Instead of using Instagram all the time, it’s good to rest and do different activities, like taking a walk or meditating, to improve our creativity and skills.

What is the usage of Instagram for you? How much time do you spend on this addictive platform, Would you mind sharing your answers with us?

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