Why Users Get Banned From Instagram? & How To Avoid It?

Instagram is a well-liked app that many people all over the world enjoy using. It has a lot of strict rules and doesn’t allow anyone to go beyond their limits.

Sometimes, this platform will ban you right away without even telling you if you share certain things.

Let’s see, under what conditions, Instagram blocks you?


To avoid getting blocked by Instagram, you must follow their rules and limitations.

An unexpected rise or fall in the amount of people who follow or like something.

Many people report being blocked by Instagram because of issues related to this problem-causing area.

This can happen in two situations. The first is if you took part in an advertising event that gave your account lots of followers. The second is if you choose to get rid of fake followers by using the right tools. This also made the number of people following you suddenly decrease.




The most followers you can have in an hour is 60 because there is a limit. And it should not go above that number.

Most accounts can like and unlike 400 to 500 posts every day. However, in bigger accounts (like those of professionals), the restrictions are usually higher.

Please rewrite this text using simpler words.

Also, if you follow or unfollow accounts very fast, you might get a message saying that you can’t do it for a while. Sometimes, you won’t be able to follow or unfollow for a few days because of these prompts.

er, in some other, your account may be banned for a much more extended period.

  • Repeated sharing posts

Instagram watches the algorithm of one-account publications. Only the algorithm knows what the safest number of actions is.

Try to make pauses between posts, and do NOT repeatedly share posts in a short period. If you do this, you will be suspected of spamming. And of course, you don’t want it.

  • Violating Copyrights

Copyrights are a severe limitation of every social network, and Instagram is no exception. Instagram considers this action a big deal, and it’s so serious about this issue.

All the images, music, and videos you have shared in your account have to be either yours or permitted by its author. You can give credit to the author in the description of your posts.

What is the result of ignoring the copyright?

The author can report you to Instagram for using their content without permission or determining the authorship, and then you will be banned for copyright infringement.

  • Content Violating Instagram rules

Photos and videos containing nude bodies, sexual content, racism, and harshness are inappropriate. Posting these kinds of inappropriate content will get you banned, so be aware.

  • Other users reports

Some users decided that your account is a thread for the Instagram community, so they reported you. If this action repeats by other users, Instagram will block your profile anytime soon.

People can inform you for various reasons: insults, sharing inappropriate content, spam, etc.

How to avoid getting Banned on Instagram?


As you may already know, Instagram sometimes temporarily blocks certain actions, such as liking or commenting, for a short period of time.

If that’s what’s happening, you don’t need to do anything. Yes, I’m telling you the truth. Just relax and be patient until Instagram restores the features you lost. Please avoid doing the things that caused Instagram to ban you before.


The severe condition is when you have been banned, and you cannot enter your account. If you think that your account was blocked by mistake, you can click on “appeal the decision.”

If you don’t see this request, you might lose your account, so you must create a new one with your email.

You will never know why this happened to you, so be very careful about the content you share and your behavior with other users. We hope you won’t get in trouble like this.

To briefly paraphrase

Be cautious about what you post or talk about on Instagram and other social media sites.

Using social media is now a big part of our lives. Let’s make this a nicer and more accepting place for everyone.

Please rewrite this text in simpler language:

If you want to keep your account secure on Instagram, you need to agree to its rules for banning.

Have you ever been blocked by Instagram. What did you do, and what happened after that. Please tell us what you did in response.

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