Today, Facebook is not just a place to connect with others online. Almost everyone is aware of this fact. They changed their company’s name because they took a different direction.

This change will help them achieve more than what they have hoped for, like what Mark Zuckerberg wants and dreams.

Facebook is a company that owns and operates a social networking platform called Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company changed its name to Meta because it wants to expand beyond just its social-media platform and enter the metaverse, which is an online digital world.

In the future, I want our company to be known as a metaverse company. Zuckerberg talked on Thursday.

He revealed the official name, Meta Platforms Inc. , for the company that includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other products at Facebook’s yearly developer event. During the event, he explained his vision for the metaverse, which he sees as crucial for the tech giant to attract younger users.

Facebook will now be called Meta platform Inc. The abbreviation for Meta platform Inc. will be MVRS.

This company will mainly focus on creating a platform that combines virtual reality and real-world elements. Mr is a title used to address a man. Zuckerberg said that it’s important to keep going, even if you make mistakes.

The plans