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Stories! Stories we listen to from childhood but this era is the digital era, where the way of stories is change and in this era, the way story express is also changed in the form of photos and videos on social media platforms and Instagram is one of them.

We know every day lots of users, your friends, family member share Instagram stories and express their feeling or something exciting on Instagram but sometimes you liked its story and want to download Instagram stories in your phone gallery for watching whenever you want.

But Instagram may not allow you insta story download from their app, but Hurray! Not to worry about that! Instadpp – Insta story downloader, solve problem of yours’s, We help you for Instagram story download online with our Insta story saver page.


❓ What is Instagram Stories Downloader?

Instagram Stories Downloader allows you to search and download any Instagram Story.

Story from any Instagram accounts of your friends, celebrities and idols can be downloaded easily without any restrictions.

📲 How to use Instagram Stories Downloader?

1) Visit the url:

2) Enter Instagram story URL or user name then press: GET button. Make sure you enter it correctly so that there are no unexpected errors.

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3) When the results show up, press the "DOWNLOAD" button to save them all to your device.

instagram story download with link

4) Enjoy it.